Why sustainability is an essential point of our philosophy

Because today we already think about the day after tomorrow

An essential aspect of our activity as food traders is to ensure the continuity of the natural resources from which the food we import is produced. Otto Franck Import is committed to ecological operations at all levels and to consistent compliance with social standards. We also require this philosophy from our business partners. Two essential aspects move us to place sustainability aspects at the centre of our activities:


As a family business with a history of nearly one hundred years, we are concerned about the long-term survival of the company. This means that we attach great importance to orienting our trading activities not towards short-term goals but towards long-term developments and thus also towards the well-being of our descendants. Against this background, it is in our own interest to actively engage in the reproduction of inventories.


As a food trader who imports goods made of natural resources such as fish, fruit or vegetables, it should be self-evident to keep an eye on the impact of one's own activities on the environment. This attitude goes hand in hand with an active concern to ensure that the resources that are used today can be renewed naturally and are thus also available to future generations. It is therefore essential to maintain the ecological balance.


Additionally to our own endeavours, we work with various non-profit organisations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and support efforts towards sustainable fishing.



We care about sutainable fishery

As one of the leading importers of tinned tuna, Otto Franck Import has been successfully stepping up its efforts for years to source goods exclusively from sustainable fisheries. To this end, we are in close contact with our producers, the owners of the fishing fleets and the regional fisheries organisations.

We use almost exclusively Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) for our tinned tuna. In contrast to other tuna varieties, this species is proven to reproduce very quickly and has a healthy population worldwide. Voluntary labelling of the species on the label will enable consumers to make a more conscious choice in favour of fish from sustainable resources.

In addition, we actively support the certification of producers and fishing regions by independent organisations. This will allow effective monitoring of compliance with other important sustainability aspects such as the catching method. Labelling with an appropriate seal sensitises consumers and offers them even more precise information.

To be able to import certified goods and to underpin our voluntary commitment to sustainable fishing, we endeavour to carry out audits for traders ourselves.


We take responsibility