Raw fresh organic salmon on ice on a dark slate,stone or metal background.Top view with space for text.

Frozen Food

As a European speciality wholesaler and importer from other countries, we offer you a comprehensive selection of frozen foods, ranging from fish products and seafood to poultry and various fruit and vegetable blends.

To be able to offer our customers fast delivery of frozen specialities from our core range of around 800 items, we have our own frozen storage facility with a capacity of over 10,000 m2 at our Augsburg location.

Thanks to decades of cooperation with our producers and our extensive experience in trading with frozen goods, we have the ideal qualifications to fully meet your wishes and requirements in the frozen food sector.


Fish and Seafood

Our frozen fish selection includes high-quality freshwater fish, ocean fish, shrimp, octopus varieties, seafood, as well as salmon.
In this, we live up to our responsibility for the environment and future generations by supporting sustainable fishing through our certification with the MSC label and by increasingly expanding our MSC selection.



We are expanding our vegetable selection more and more by importing our own high-quality products under our "La Perla" brand. Here we enhance the visual impact of our products with a modern and fresh packaging layout. The quality selection for mushrooms is already marketed under a proprietary brand.



Poultry and poultry parts are a focal point of our product selection. In this respect, we see our particular strengths in the areas of geese, ducks and chicken.



Thanks to our many years of experience with reliable South-Eastern European and South American fruit packers, we can meet the high-quality demands of our customers in the bakery and confectionery trade and underline this in our fruit selection with the Bakery's Finest brand.