Market review

From now on Otto Franck Import will provide you with current information about our products and the food trade six times a year. You can either subscribe to the market review and be notified conveniently by e-mail or simply access it online as needed. Please share your opinion and suggestions with us - either in a personal conversation with your contact person or by e-mail to: ofri(at)

The lastest market reviews available for download:

Market Review July and August 2020 (German)

In this market review we would like to inform you about the harvests of peaches in Greece, tomatos in Italy and peppers in Turkey. Additionally we cover the market situation for pineapple and give a prediction for the whole year.

Market Review May and June 2020 (German)

The market review of May and June 2020 is a very special one for Otto Franck Import: exactly 100 years ago the company was founded in Augsbug, Germany. How everything began and what change the business already went through, you can read in this market review. Of course we also inform you about the newest devolpment in the market.

Market Review March and April 2020 (German)

This time we would like to inform you about the developments in the food sector with regard to the Corona Virus-pandemic. Therefore we look at the impact in Germany to the local food demand and picture the situation in especially affected supplying countries like Italy, Spain and China.

Market Review January and February 2020 (German)

In the first edition of our market review in the year 2020 you can find news regarding the harvest of artichokes in Spain and our evaluation of the upcoming sweetcorn season. Additionally we inform you about the current situation in the tuna-market and the still tense situation concerning pineapple.

Market Review November and December 2019 (German)

At the end of the year we would like to look back upon the last 12 month and inform you about the very contrary developements regarding tuna and pineapple prices. Additionally we have news about the harvest of olives and would like to show you, why mandarin oranges from Turkey have caught up in terms of quality, but for premium products for berkeries China is still number one.

Market Review September and October 2019 (German)

Shortly before the Anuga 2019 starts we would like to provide you some information regarding the pineapple harvest in Kenya as well as in Thailand and give you an update on Italian tomato products. Additionally we would like to present our Arcobaleno organic sweet corn and inform you about our portfolio of pulses.

Market Review July and August 2019 (German)

In the summer market review of this year we would like to inform you about the consequences of the thunder storm in Greece on the harvest of peaches as well as about the current situation of Turkish pepper and Chinese pears. Furthermore we give you an update on Italian tomatoes and an assessment of the five-fruit cocktail.

Market Review May and June 2019 (German)

This time we report from a three-day trip of Dr. Dr. Rudold Kraus, member of the management at Otto Franck Import, on a sardine fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean. Additionaly we have the latest news on the apricot harvest in Greece and China for you as well as a review of the tomato harvest in Italy. Furthermore we would like to indtroduce to you our new product: jackfruit.

Market Review March and April 2019 (German)

In our spring market review 2019 we turn our attention to the harvests of asparagus and strawberries in China and explain why Hungarian corn is more attractive than Chinese. Furthmore we analyse the current situation in the tuna market and present you our latest product of the Chen Lu-Family: Sweet Chili Sauce

Market Review January and February 2019 (German)

For the first market review of 2019 we analyse the winter harvest of pineapple in Thailand and give an estimation of the future price development as well as  of the influence on tropical fruitcocktail. Furthermore we take a look at Spain, where currently olives and artichokes are being harvested.

Market Review November and December 2018 (German)

As the year is running out we dare to look back at the last 12 month. Additionally we also would like to give you some information regarding our products, therefore you can learn in this edition something about anchovies, pears and coconut milk.

Market review September and October 2018 (German)

At the beginning of autumn we would like to present you the latest news concerning the tomato harvest, give you an update regarding the tense situation in the tuna-business and introduce to you the first product of our new portfolio of Asian specialities.