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Years of shelf life - always fresh

After importing our first container of canned tuna about 30 years ago, this popular food fish quickly became the core product of our company. In addition to tuna, we also offer other fish and various types of vegetables and fruit in different sizes of cans.


To supply our customers within a few days after ordering, we have more than 300 different tinned products available in our warehouse in Hamburg, covering an area of more than 15,000 m².



With more than 30 years of experience, we are one of the largest importers of preserved fish products in Europe and trade tuna in over 60 variations and sizes. Thanks to our many years of experience and worldwide contacts, we are able to import the right product for every customer. Our fish selection includes tuna and sardines, skinless and boneless, marinated in sunflower oil or with a spicy chili note. Mackerel and anchovies complete the fish product selection. All our fish are caught wild, without the use of driftnets and without endangering dolphins.



Ripe pineapple on bright background. Minimal fruit concept.


Our canned fruit offer the diversity of the world's orchards throughout the year. Besides local fruits, exotic fruits such as mango, papaya or lychees with their colours and aromas increasingly delight our senses. Whether high-quality tinned fruit in large tins for our industrial customers in cake production or consumer-friendly small tins for the food retail trade - we are your reliable and competent partner for every need.




Canned vegetables have become indispensable in today's private cuisine as well as in professional food preparation. Gourmet chefs like to use tinned peeled tomatoes because they can be harvested in a perfectly ripe state. This makes them unbeatable in taste and also offers considerable advantages in convenience. In addition to competent European manufacturers, producers from Asia, North and South America also supply us with top-quality tinned vegetables. Our product range extends from succulent corn from Thailand to olives from sunny Spain and fine asparagus from Peru.