Traditional Ice Cream Delicacies from Italy

Since 1998 we have been the exclusive partner of the tradition-steeped confectionery manufacturer Giuso for Germany and the Benelux countries. With a product variety of over 300 items, we supply ice-cream caf├ęs and Italian patisseries with the basic ingredients for the production of high-quality ice-cream and various confectionery products. Recently, we expanded our selection by more than 30 types of ice cream produced without the use of animal products.

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Fruit Pastes

To produce our fruit pastes, we use a particularly gentle process consisting of a low-temperature cooking process with subsequent vacuum concentration, which leaves the organoleptic properties of the fruit unchanged.

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Milk Pastes

The taste-enhancing pastes are mixed into the basic compound and give the ice cream its typical taste. These pastes are made from high-quality raw ingredients of certified geographical origin.

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Giuso has always paid special attention to trends and innovations and therefore now presents a wide range of "VEGANOK" certified products. The Vegan Piu collection is produced in full accordance with the vegan philosophy without animal fats or other animal derivatives.